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Upgaming's sportsbook is authorized in the Netherlands

Upgaming’s Sportsbook is authorized in the Netherlands

In a significant move highlighting its commitment to expand across Europe, Upgaming’s sportsbook has successfully acquired authorization in the Netherlands. This not only reinforces Upgaming's growing dominance in the iGaming realm but also positions it at the forefront of the European iGaming market. Upgaming’s ultra-fast, scalable sportsbook software, available with the API integration, is one…

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Sportsbook API integration

Sportsbook API integration – upscale your iGaming business with Upgaming’s API tool

Sportsbook API integration is the simplest, fastest, and most effective solution for upscaling online casinos with the sportsbook. That’s why Upgaming has introduced its advanced, ultra-fast sportsbook API integration tool, which allows the quickest and most seamless integration of the sportsbook software into the online casino operator’s iGaming platform. Specifically, our sportsbook API integration tool…

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